7 Things to Check When Buying a Medium Sized Wind Turbine

Medium sized wind turbine will help you save lots of money on electric bill of your industrial project or farm. These are absolutely pollution-free hence best for environment. However, choosing medium sized wind turbine isn’t an easy job. There are several factors that should be considered when purchasing and installing wind turbine system. With wind turbines, you need sufficient amount of installation space. Your industry or property must have at least one acre land free for the purpose of installation. Nowadays, wind turbines are in much use because they are environment friendly as well best for farms and industries. These are used for grinding grain, pumping water, and so on.


Medium sized wind turbine types


Basically there are 2 kinds of wind turbines namely vertical and horizontal wind turbines. Among these two, horizontal wind turbines generally with three or 2 blades are much common. Vertical ones like Darrieus turbines come with egg-beater designing where there blades are on vertical axis. When it comes to how to choose a wind turbine, you can go with Savonius rotor wind turbines with vertical axis because their make is similar to anemometer. Typically, horizontal wind turbines have the ability to convert nearly 35% energy of wind into electricity. If comparison is done, vertical option of Savonius wind turbines are not much efficient, hence one can go with other available options. Furthermore, vertical axis turbines tend weighing much as compared to wind turbines with horizontal axis. In addition to this, if one is planning to install vertical wind turbines on their property, they’ll require using cables for keeping it standing. For small properties or farms, horizontal axis option is much cost-effective when compared to vertical wind turbine over long term.


It should be noted that medium-sized wind turbines are pretty expensive but it is one time investment. Ten kilowatt turbine would cost more than 50,000$. These will last for somewhere around twenty years or even more if maintained well. Coming to their maintenance, medium-sized wind turbines need little maintenance. If they are used within 1000kW hours monthly, they are capable of supplying 90% of entire electricity consumption requirement of yours.


Few factors that should be considered prior to buying wind turbines are given below:


  1. Check local zoning codes for ensuring whether or not one is permitted to install wind turbine on their property. Ensure getting complete rundown on the height restrictions.
  2. Conduct energy audit of the place for determining the amount of energy one needs. Before finalising the type of medium-sized wind turbine that one wants to buy, it is vital to know how much electricity one requires on monthly basis. Then they should go for a turbine that provides them sufficient electricity.
  3. Decide where one will be installing their turbine as well as how it would be mounted. Depending on this, one can go for vertical or horizontal medium-sized wind turbines. One should place their turbines far from residential area so as to avoid vibrations from turbines that cause noise. Before installing turbines, determine direction of wind and locate some upwind spot from trees and buildings in order to make sure that maximum wind is flowing. All these location details will assist individuals in deciding size of their turbine.
  4. Be a smart shopper. Ask the dealer for calculating how every model individually would perform in a specific location of yours. Go with models that come with at least 5 years of warranty in addition to strong testimonials. Make sure you purchase a model that is designed for producing off-the-grid or on-the-grid energy. Ask for all vital components and parts of the turbines so that they are ready to install as well as use.
  5. Ensure the turbine that you are purchasing is reliable. As wind turbines, be it large-sized or medium-sized are mechanical devices hence are placed under significant amount of stress. One requires confirming with their supplier whether or not they can be used in your site wind conditions.
  6. Size of wind turbine is restricted by amount of space that one has in their property or farm. Moreover, government planning restrictions should also be considered. It is easy to install medium and small sized wind turbines in few circumstances within permitted development. With medium sized wind turbine, one needs a large rotor as it will help in producing more energy. Depending on your energy consumption, you can buy wind turbines. With a large generator, more resistance would be produced that will prevent wind turbines to start in low wind conditions. Hence it is best to go with medium generator especially if your farm or property experiences lower than average wind speed.
  7. Check for average wind speed in your location. If wind resource is greater, more electricity would be generated. It can be said that if wind speed is doubled, it would result in production of 8 times more of electricity from the turbine. Before purchasing wind turbines, ask the manufacturer to provide power-curve diagram of their turbine that will show how electricity production of turbines increase with increase in wind speed.


Cost of medium sized wind turbine


Cost of installation of wind turbines vary greatly. It is combination of various costs like utility interconnection, permission, local zoning, and so on. Initially, one may have to make considerable investment but once the set-up is done and your wind turbine has become functional, you won’t be required to invest anything except for the minimum maintenance cost. In all, size of wind turbine is what matters more. If you want electricity for carrying out small tasks that need lesser energy then shorter wind turbines should be good. On the other hand for running machines, you need more energy hence you require installing taller wind turbines that can give more electricity. Wind speed in the particular area is one more important thing to consider. If wind speed is good, you may need shorter wind turbine hence it is more cost saving. Cost of installation of turbines includes cost of labour as well. One would require good count of professionals who’ll install their turbines as well as make them operational.