Key attributes of the Turkish unlicensed wind energy market: 

  • Electricity Market Law (EML) in Turkey established the  activities that can be conducted without a licence, which includes electricity production operating wind turbines for up to 1MW capacity. This market and related incentives will be defined as unlicensed wind market in Turkey
  • Plant operators are entitled against the grid operator to the payment of a fixed feed-in tariff for all electricity exports to the grid.
    • Foreign turbines: $0.073/kWh (EUR 5.6/kWh) for 10 years
    • Domestically produced turbines: up to  $0.11/kWh (based on % of domestic production) for the first 5 years and $0.073/kWh for the last 5 year

How does Turkey compare in terms of Wind Energy Feed-in-Tariffs?

FIT wind benchmarking


  • Turkey feed-in-tariff (FIT) rates duration of 10 years is the lowest among comparable countries and its FIT rate amounts are lower than many of other countries (based mainly on Wind Works Organization website and legislative body in each country)